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Jeroen Smeets

Lab members
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Student projects

Research topics
variability & adaptation
eye movements
space & time
color vision

Members Smeets & Brenner lab

Jeroen Smeets
Eli Brenner
Robert van Beers

PhD Students

Jacob Nelson: Perception and Action in Complex Environments
Yajie Zhang: Ageing of the on-line control of posture and movement
Kiki Arkesteijn: On the MOVE: How attention is involved in dealing with moving sensors.
Sander Schreven: Propulsion in Swimming
Koen Lemaire: Empirical investigation and mathematical modeling of the mechanics and energetics of skeletal muscle at different levels of organization
Nina van Mastrigt: The dark side of reward


Katinka van der Kooij: The dark side of reward

Former lab members

Irene Kuling: Haptic fidelity in a visual world
Cristina de la Malla: Move to see
Myrthe Plaisier: What is adaptation?
Chiara Bozzacchi: Visual information for the control of Grasping Movements
Winfred Mugge: Haptic fidelity in a visual world
Devika Narain: Prediction in interception
Anouk de Brouwer: Illusions in the Brain: A new approach to understanding visual processing
Maria Matziridi: The role of eye movements in visuomotor localisation
Leonie Oostwoud Wijdenes: Control of pointing.
Marieke van der Graaff: Planning of pointing
Rebekka Verheij: Interacting with objects.
Dimitrios Voudouris: The role of obstacles in grasping.
Nienke Debats: Is dynamic touch based on an optimal combination of invariants?
Rita Sousa: Judging distance in a dynamic environment with many sources of information
Ilona Pinter: Endpoint control of fast goal-directed arm movements (thesis)
Willemijn Schot: Grasping moving objects (thesis)- What is adaptation?
Femke Maij: Localising targets near saccades: poor temporal resolution or is there more to it?
Denise de Grave: Perception of what is reachable
Christa van Mierlo: The binding problem in perception and action
Chris Muller: The binding problem in perception and action
Hanneke Liesker: Searching in the natural world
Stefan Louw: The binding problem in perception and action
Krista Overvliet: Searching in the natural world
Margot Veerman (Master student): Fast corrections of goal-directed hand movements
Jeroen Granzier: Psychophysics of colour constancy
Juul Martin: Grasping moving objects
Katja Mayer (Bachelor student): Haptic search
Urs Kleinholdermann (Master Student): Grasping trapezoidal objects
Harm Slijper: RSI
Pili Aivar: Perception for recognition and action
John van den Dobbelsteen: Limits in our ability to align visual and kinesthetic perception for tool use (Thesis)
Marianne Biegstraaten: The role of object contact in pointing and grasping. (Thesis)
Raymond Cuijpers: Shape in perception and action.
Gerben Rotman: The role of eye movements in visually guided movements of the hand.
Joan López-Moliner: Perception and visual control of action: a study of dissociations comparing 2-D motion and motion in depth.
Anne-Marie Brouwer: Visual information processing for fast arm movements.
Marc de Lussanet: Stability and flexibility of fast goal directed arm movements.
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