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Jeroen Smeets

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Publications on search

  • Overvliet KE, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2004) Can Haptic Search be Parallel? Not When Using Spatial Features to Distinguish between Target and Distractors. In: Buss M, Fritschi M (eds) Eurohaptics 2004, Herbert Hieronymus, München, pp 534-537 (reprint)
  • Overvliet KE, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2007) Haptic Search with Finger Movements: Using More Fingers Does Not Necessarily Reduce Search Times. Experimental Brain Research 182 427-434 (reprint, DOI)
  • Overvliet KE, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2007) Parallel and Serial Search in Haptics. Perception & Psychophysics 69:1059-1069 (reprint)
  • Liesker H, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2008) Simultaneous processing of visual information and planning of hand movements in a visuo-manual search task. Acta Psychologica 127:398-406(reprint, DOI)
  • Overvliet KE, Mayer KM, Smeets JBJ, Brenner E (2008) Haptic Search is More Efficient When the Stimulus Can Be Interpreted as Consisting of Fewer Items. Acta Psychologica 127:51-56 (reprint, DOI)
  • Sousa R, Brenner E, Smeets JBJ (2009) Slant cue are combined early in visual processing; evidence from visual search. Vision Research 49:257-261 (reprint, DOI)
  • Liesker H, Brenner E, Smeets JBJ (2009) Combining eye and hand in search is suboptimal. Experimental Brain Research, 197:395401 (reprint, DOI)
  • Liesker H, Brenner E, Smeets JBJ (2010) Eye-hand coupling is not the cause of manual return movements when searching. Experimental Brain Research, 201:221-227 (reprint, DOI)
  • Overvliet, K.E., Smeets, J.B.J., Brenner, E. (2010) Serial search for fingers of the same hand but not for fingers of different hands. Experimental Brain Research, 202:261264 (reprint, DOI)

My other areas of research are:

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